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Friday, January 27, 2012

Goat Imps

FINALLY done with this painting. As simple as it is in terms of colors, the damn thing took so long to get all the whites and blacks JUST SO

Ok so just some weird conjoined goat imps, chillin', I wanted to semi-replicate a printmaking look and I think I did ok, it's not perfect. It's pretty cool in real life though, it's about 12" x 24"

The left one clearly isn't having the right one's shit. I named them Flotsam and Jetsam because Jason asked what their names were. It was a few nanoseconds from being Batman and Robin so I think I made the right decision.

Stack of Dogs

Mostly just a monster dog because of boredom (crayolas again) but this sorta relates to old drawings of “stack of dogs” I used to make as a little kid. I made a dog mouth once out of an acute angle (like you do when you’re 5) and just kept making a bunch on top of eachother like a zig-zag and when I added teeth I added teeth to all the angles, I can’t remember who called it stack of dogs, one of my parents probably.
So green dog monster yeah the end


So I figure I need to do a comic and I'm exploring some ideas with this character. His name is Beneath (Benny for short) and that's his rabbit I haven't named yet.

He was born in an underground society of his species (which I haven't named yet) who are all red with long noses and have varying lengths of tail. My theory is they split off post-ice age and adapted a little differently for their lives underground, went deeper into the caves instead of coming out like humans. For years they traded with humans and stayed relatively in touch, there's some half-and-halfs here and there (gonna claim gingers have their genes a bit lol) and after a while tended to be blamed for maladies like dead livestock or plagues or what have you and eventually in the middle ages were labeled as demons.

I figure after the whole "demon" thing they give up on them and just stick around underground and the only sightings are labeled as cryptozoological at best, aliens and things.Anyway, I'll flesh out more of that when I get to posting some more stuff on it.

So this is Benny and a bunny in the clothes he wears above-ground (which I realized looks like the guy from that DOS game Treasure Mountain hahaha).

OK TOO MUCH TEXT more later when I draw more of the designs and get some story fleshed out.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ponies and Monsters

Decided work was for CHUMPS today and used some 3 inch crayola colored pencils that were given to me in a crumpled Walgreens bag to draw this pony zebra. The crayolas are only in weird colors like I have 2 teals and a green metallic and various colors of opaque orange but I don’t have any red, so I decided to draw an interpretation of a My Little Pony I had as a child since she’s weird colors too. It was the only one I had and eventually I mohawked her mane (which was apparently pink and not green, I looked it up after I drew it oops - here's the toy I had)

Guess she’s gotten a bit on in years but she’s still alright in my book. She made a good mount for my street sharks and extreme dinosaurs. On the ride home to the little tykes dollhouse. Through the streets lined with Jengas and paved with the occasional curled-up dead centipede.


And a monster because I got bored.


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