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Friday, September 18, 2009

Art vs. Art and Fountain Square Art Fair

Hey everyone!

Last week I participated in a local event called Art vs. Art.

It's a painting competition where at the main event, paintings go head to head and fight to the death. Paintings go up 2 at a time and an applause-o-meter is consulted to decide the winner and the loser gets auctioned off. If no one wants to buy, it's DESTROYED in a most amazing way. So of course I HAD to participate! Paint day was last Saturday and the main event is next Friday. Go check out the contenders and vote for mine! (Canvas #30)

Click here to find the vote!

So tomorrow's the big day, the day I set up for my first art fair at the Fountain Square Art Fair!

I'll be booth #9 so come see me if you're in the Indianapolis area! I'll be selling tons of prints, stickers, and originals so make sure to come check it out!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Murphy Art Center and New Paintings

Hey kids! Getting prepared for my one-night show at the Murphy Art Center in downtown Indianapolis! If you're free and in Indy, come down and check it out, starts at 6! I'll be selling my work as well as some cheap-o stickers~

I've finished up a couple paintings since I chatted at you last, so here's "How Many Screwdrivers Does It Take To Screw In A Light Bulb?"

And a crappy picture of my newest painting "Cat's Cradle"

And since I don't talk about it enough on here, here's my collection of Star Trek novels I just fangirled over.

Gene Roddenberry, you are the MAN.


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