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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ponies and Monsters

Decided work was for CHUMPS today and used some 3 inch crayola colored pencils that were given to me in a crumpled Walgreens bag to draw this pony zebra. The crayolas are only in weird colors like I have 2 teals and a green metallic and various colors of opaque orange but I don’t have any red, so I decided to draw an interpretation of a My Little Pony I had as a child since she’s weird colors too. It was the only one I had and eventually I mohawked her mane (which was apparently pink and not green, I looked it up after I drew it oops - here's the toy I had)

Guess she’s gotten a bit on in years but she’s still alright in my book. She made a good mount for my street sharks and extreme dinosaurs. On the ride home to the little tykes dollhouse. Through the streets lined with Jengas and paved with the occasional curled-up dead centipede.


And a monster because I got bored.

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