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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crested Geckos

Upon visit to a little liquor store we're not usually around to visit, my boyfriend and I met a gentleman behind bulletproof glass who recently bought an iguana. Her name was Iggy (the lizard, not the man) and although I was disappointed in the lack of creativity in her name, he put her through the swively glass door and we got to pet/play with her. Well, Jason of course being allergic to fluffy animals was pleased as punch that a pet existed that didn't hold the danger of allergies and was determined to get a lizard.

With a little research, we learned crested geckos are THE BEST geckos and bought a little baby one at a local reptile show. We named him Marvin. They have no eyelids so they lick their eyeballs.

Marvin looks most like the one on the bottom.

The end C:

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