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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hamlet - Yorick on teextile

Hamlet's up for voting at Teextile, go check it out :D Vote if you dig,


  1. I like your art a lot, but I'm not really into your t-shirt designs (except the business as usual one). I mostly have issues with placement, like how this one (maybe because I know it was a painting) reads as a painting that is trying to be a shirt.

    For this design I'd say it might be a little more appealing if it was bigger and shifted to the left so that it touches the side of the shirt and is less disembodied. Or if the head was just shifted up and left a bit, the idea being that there is a little more space for the viewer to imagine the rest of the body in the empty space. I don't know if that's good critique, it's just ideas.

    Also, you might want to try a color other than black. Your art is very bold and the black makes it really pop out, which is awesome, but doesn't always make a great shirt. Try shirt colors that are in the same family or scheme as the design maybe.

    Keep working on it, though, I'd like to see something printed! (And sorry if you don't like out of the blue critiques.)

  2. Critiques are fine and I agree with you, my work on tees seems very "this is a painting she just threw on a tee" but it couldn't hurt to try. It's the main reason I haven't gotten much response from my designs, but I've been trying different things to see what works. This happened not to work and though I figured it probably wouldn't, it's free to enter voting!

    I put it on black mainly because the original was on black and it was going to be a huge pain to cut out the entire design to put it on a shirt that matched not to mention my color sense is absolutely horrible so I'd have probably screwed it up xC

    The reason "Business as Usual" worked as a tee was because I had making a tee in mind when I was making the painting so it fit more. I'm just trying to squeeze all the money I can out of work that already exists ;)

  3. ...that wasn't really a good excuse, but I appreciate your critique and honesty :)



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