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Monday, June 8, 2009



Most of you following this blog I know from other places, but thought I'd drop this here.

I'm taking commissions! Since my illustration career is only starting, I really need some extra cash to get it going, so if you're interested, drop me a line at squidtransport@gmail.com.

Here's what I'm offering:

Pencil drawings (sketches)- SAMPLE SAMPLE
Waist-up – 5$
Full body (Like, posed. Not just standing there.)– 10$
With some sort of b/g – 15$
Multiple characters – 5$ for each additional character

Flat digital color – SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE
Waist-up – 10$
Full body – 15$
With any sort of b/g – 20$
Multiple characters – 10$ for each additional character

I’m also going to offer more painterly work. I need some practice, so if you kids want some of this, I can oblige.

Acrylic rendered work- SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE
(Prices are for images that would be about 12x18. Sizes can be discussed individually.)
Bust – 65$
Waist-up – 85$
Full body – 120$
Multiple characters – 50$ for each additional character.
PLEASE NOTE – IF YOU WANT THE PHYSICAL ORIGINAL ARTWORK SENT TO YOU, IT WILL COST DOUBLE THE ORIGINAL PRICE. ALSO NOTE, that even if I send the physical work to you, I still retain the rights to the piece (even if it is your character). This means I can use the image for my own benefit, self-promotion, etc.

These are all assuming you want a character. I’ll do existing characters as well as original characters and even real people (caricatured of course...I'm not too great at portraiture). If you want something else aside from a character (an animal, an object, etc.), just say so and we can work out a price!

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