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Sunday, September 12, 2010

2010 Art vs Art Competition

This is my 2010 Art vs Art competition painting! Paint day was yesterday and now it's up for vote online! If you love me (like I love you unf) you'll go and vote for 3 paintings you dig on the voting site: RIGHT HERE

The concept of the competition is you go and paint for a day with supplied materials and it goes into voting with a load of other paintings. At the big Main Event, 32 paintings make it to the floor where people can vote for the ones they want to see on stage. 16 paintings make it and go round by round one on one with an applause-o-meter deciding the victor. The loser spins the wheel of DEATH and if it's not "Instant Death" it gets auctioned off. If no one wants it, that shit gets DESTROYED in various ways (such as chainsaw, katana, paint thinner, jackhammer, or "dirty sanchez"). It's an amazing competition and I could only get a tiny photo from the site (some are larger than others for whatever reason) but the canvases are all 18x20.

Go vote for rad paintings! (and mine too j 3j)

1 comment:

  1. Really great piece. I was too late to vote but I hope you did well as IMHO this piece rocks.



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