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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Drawgasmic, Published, Upcoming Junk

So, a few rad things happening as of late! I was just informed my coin went through to participate in Drawgasmic this year, it's a huge gallery show where a huge load of artists make images of the same size and orientation and are hung up on a wall in grid format. There's a lot of rad artists up already, including a few that I know. It also all goes in a one-night gallery show and a coffee-table-style book they'll publish for the event in St. Louis, MO. Click the pic to find out more!

Second on the list (and I actually found this out a while ago) I'm going to be published in the American Illustration 29 annual! It's a massive honor and such an incredible opportunity to get my name out there. I think it's in the student section (the works published were from when I was a student) but I'm getting 2 images published! They're from the same series of AIDS/STI awareness posters and are not at all safe for work, so if you want to check them out, click this link: You were warned!

Third, I have a potential lead for showing Tattooed Love Boy in a Tattoo-themed show near Detroit (will give more details as they come).

Fourth, I have a shirt being printed and sold on TeeFury in the near future (I'll keep you posted on the sell date).

And finally, I sold one original and one framed print in the last week and the cash made up for the time I missed out on at work because of panic attacks.

And we're thinking of getting a cat, I just hung out with a friend from high school for the first time in ages, my anti-depressants are starting to work, and I have bean soup so even though my show at the restaurant was cut short, life's pretty awesome! Keep it fake, kiddos!

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